The unique WDPS Life Skills Challenge program has been created because all children need a key skills-set in order to develop their potential and to make their life dreams become a reality.
All visitors help us to become enquirers and to learn and discover new things about the world.
Visiting 10 Downing Street helps us appreciate that the WDPS Core Values are reflected in fundamental ‘British Values.’
WDPS Cycle offsite multi-day challenges help us all to develop resilience and to become effective team players.
We develop higher-level thinking skills online by learning to analyse, synthesise and evaluate.
Our teachers appreciate that we are all unique individuals with different learning styles.
Learning is fun as our Teachers plan exciting learning experiences through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
The all–weather WDPS Mountain Bike and Running Trail helps us develop fitness, stamina and essential bike-handling skills.
We learn from different world cultures which helps shape us into well-balanced and open-minded global citizens.
In the WDPS Bushcraft Area we develop our Multiple Intelligences and self-confidence whilst learning to manage risks.

Young Carers

Young Carers Support at WDPS

A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 who looks after or helps look after an adult family member who has an illness or disability. The illness or disability may be physical or mental.

This care could include:

    Helping with the shopping
    Tidying up at home
    Doing chores that may be more than the expected level for a child
    Pushing a wheelchair
    Caring for younger siblings
    Bringing medication to an adult
    Helping with care needs such as bathing, washing etc
    Putting the bins out
    Doing the washing
    Helping an adult to attend appointments
    Providing emotional support to an adult

Some young carers:

    miss school to fulfil their caring duties
    aren't able to complete homework on time because of additional pressures elsewhere
    miss out on friendships and social activities outside of school
    worry about the person they are caring for when they are not with them
    underachieve at school

The role of a young carer is extremely valuable and should be celebrated. It can be a rewarding experience for young people. We want to make sure  that we are supporting all of our young carers so that they can continue to get the best out of their education.

With the right level of support young people can continue with their care role and we can ensure that the cared for adult also receives the right level of support.

What support can we offer?

    Homework support
    One to one or group activities in school
    Drop-in for young carers (every half term)
    Drop-in for parents (every half term)
    Support from Barnardos Young Carers Service
    Referrals to obtain emotional and practical support within the home

If you think that your child may be a young carer we would love to hear from you!

Please contact either Paula Stones, Mrs Sutcliffe or Mrs Sparke at school for further information.