The unique WDPS Life Skills Challenge program has been created because all children need a key skills-set in order to develop their potential and to make their life dreams become a reality.
All visitors help us to become enquirers and to learn and discover new things about the world.
Visiting 10 Downing Street helps us appreciate that the WDPS Core Values are reflected in fundamental ‘British Values.’
WDPS Cycle offsite multi-day challenges help us all to develop resilience and to become effective team players.
We develop higher-level thinking skills online by learning to analyse, synthesise and evaluate.
Our teachers appreciate that we are all unique individuals with different learning styles.
Learning is fun as our Teachers plan exciting learning experiences through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
The all–weather WDPS Mountain Bike and Running Trail helps us develop fitness, stamina and essential bike-handling skills.
We learn from different world cultures which helps shape us into well-balanced and open-minded global citizens.
In the WDPS Bushcraft Area we develop our Multiple Intelligences and self-confidence whilst learning to manage risks.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities

Activities on offer range from ‘Art and Craft’, ‘Animation’ and ‘School Newspaper’ to ‘Gardening’, ‘Glee Club’ and ‘Cycling’.

The teaching staff will send out their own letters to children in classes for whom a specific club is targeted.

Film Club

Film Buff Digital Badge

Film Club members have had the opportunity to recently participate in the 'Film Buff Challenge'. During this challenge, children have to watch and review 15 films from a special list given by Into Film, and have successfully achieved their Silver Film Buff Award by watching their first 5 films. Films that have been watched have spanned over different genres, languages and themes. WDPS will receive film club based rewards and film club members have earned certificates. The next aim is to watch another 5 films to gain a Gold Award status for WDPS.

Breakfast Club

The new earlier start time for our Breakfast club is proving to be a huge success. Children need to enter the hall through the doors on the Key Stage 1 playground.

* Start time – 7.30am to 8.50am - £2.50 per child/session which includes an hour and a half child care, games and breakfast.

* Start time – 8.15am to 8.50am - £1.50 per child/session which includes child care, games and breakfast.

Twilight Club

If you are looking for after school care for your children, we have experienced staff that can look after your child/children from Monday to Friday from 3.15 to 5.15pm.  We offer a variety of activities on our own school site including: games, arts and crafts, a quiet relaxation area, help with homework and in the summer months outdoor games.  Children also enjoy a tea time snack each evening around 4.30pm consisting of juice, cake, fruit etc.

The charge is £5.00 per child/session which is significantly cheaper than most other childcare providers in the area.

Newspaper Club

With the help of Miss Croll the newspaper club produce 'The Stepping Stone' our school newspaper. Members of the newspaper club have learnt several new skills as well as coming up with the original name and design for page layouts.

Miss Croll said " The paper’s logo is amazing! Well done everyone and a big thank you to everyone who has made this possible and especially my dedicated newspaper club team".

The first issue was produced in February 2012. Members of the club said "We are very excited that there will be many more issues".

You can download a copy by clicking on the links below


Issue 9 March 2016    Issue 10 December 2016         
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Issue 8 July 2015     Issue 5 Feb 2014     Issue 3 Feb2013     Issue 1 Feb 2012
Issue 6 July 2014     Issue 4 July 2013    Issue 2 July 2012

Bike Club

Held on Thursday with Mr Shiel and Mr Jones

Cycling in Blyth