The unique WDPS Life Skills Challenge program has been created because all children need a key skills-set in order to develop their potential and to make their life dreams become a reality.
All visitors help us to become enquirers and to learn and discover new things about the world.
Visiting 10 Downing Street helps us appreciate that the WDPS Core Values are reflected in fundamental ‘British Values.’
WDPS Cycle offsite multi-day challenges help us all to develop resilience and to become effective team players.
We develop higher-level thinking skills online by learning to analyse, synthesise and evaluate.
Our teachers appreciate that we are all unique individuals with different learning styles.
Learning is fun as our Teachers plan exciting learning experiences through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
The all–weather WDPS Mountain Bike and Running Trail helps us develop fitness, stamina and essential bike-handling skills.
We learn from different world cultures which helps shape us into well-balanced and open-minded global citizens.
In the WDPS Bushcraft Area we develop our Multiple Intelligences and self-confidence whilst learning to manage risks.

Core Values

Core Values

The children, staff and Governors of West Denton Primary School have discussed the Attitudes and Learner Profile we want  to promote in both children and adults throughout our school community. We will look for frequent opportunities to celebrate and reward those who strive to be the best they can be. I would very much like to hear the thoughts of parents and carers on our Core Values.

Thank you.

Mick MingStones
Head Teacher

Our Learner Profile                                    

I care for other people.
I try to help others.                                                                                                                                      
I want people around me to be happy and I am sensitive to their needs.
I care for animals and Planet Earth.

I eat healthy food and I exercise.
I like to learn about different things.
I understand it is important to have a balance of work and play.

I ask questions.
I like to learn and discover new things about the world.
I am curious.
I will carry this love of learning with me throughout life.

I am thoughtful.
I try to solve problems and make good decisions.
I do this by thinking about things and by learning from my mistakes.

I have the courage to try new things.
I'm not afraid to give it a go even if I feel shy.
I try to solve problems in a lot of ways.

I talk about my ideas.
I am able to express myself in more than one language.
I can also communicate using mathematical language, symbols and drawings.

I have learned many things.
I can tell you about / show you these things.
I can use this information to solve problems in life.

I always try to do what is right.
I am fair and follow rules.
I am honest with myself and with others.

I know that people are different and may do different things.
I know that not everyone will think like me and that's fine.
I listen and try to understand others.

I think about what I have learned, what I am good at and what I can improve the next time.
I take the time to think about my actions and their effects.
Our Attitudes to Promote

I think like I can try or do most things

I want to know more

I am polite and kind to myself and others

I think and do things for myself

I work together well with other children and adults

I show I am grateful for something

I finish what I start and I don’t give up (Winners never quit, quitters never win!)

I come up with my own ideas

I enjoy learning

I accept others

I am honest to myself and others

I put myself in someone else’s shoes

I adjust myself to new or changing situations